Mixed Pickles

"Jazzy" blues, "bluesy" jazz in the original formation saxophone, guitar, harmonica and impressive voice.

Werner Heckelmann's (saxophone, vocals) rich experience of music and life always shows in his playing and in his voice. He is constantly improving his style and can look back on having been supported by mentors like Drajine Drenski and Bob Dawns.

Johannes André (guitar) does not only stand out by his solo playing but also provides compact music, which makes any accompanying band unnecessary. Even as a band of only three members, their music is extraordinary compact and dynamic. Johannes André contributes the experience he has got by his studies of classic guitar (by Reiner Stutz at the university of Koblenz) and of his master course with the jazz guitarist Michael Sagmeister. He prefers little orchestras, that's why he appears with the transverse flutist Sylvia Mel in Duo con moto and shows his music programme from baroque to modern music.

Eric Zeiler (harmonica, vocals) is hopelessly dedicated to his harmonica. He never leaves his apartment in Cologne without at least one bag of "harps". He draws up workshops, contributes to the music journal "Harmonica Player" and has twice been awarded the Excellent price on the World Harmonica Festival in 1997.

Depending on the situation, Mixed Pickles becomes a quintet with bass and drums.

Contact addresses:

Werner Heckelmann, Phone (0 26 32) 49 21 99
Johannes André, Phone (0 26 25) 95 63 58

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